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Why I Quilt

Quilts = Comfort + Art

From birth to death, we are surrounded by fabric. Cloth is tied to memories – grandmother’s table linens, your father’s scratchy wool jacket, a favorite outfit from your teenage years. It is a source of protection and individuality that everyone can relate to.

I create quilts to bring physical and visual comfort into the world. I sew fabrics together to make a composition that expresses an idea or explores a color and design direction or just feels right to me. I often have no idea where a piece is coming from or where it is going to, but I always enjoy the ride of discovery.

I love working with colors and find it fascinating to combine them to create a new textile. As a former handweaver, I am attracted to textures and patterns, and I explore that interplay in both my patchwork techniques and in the quilting stitches that hold my compositions together.

I cut and arrange fabric shapes and place them one at a time on my studio design wall. The top layer of my quilts is pieced together on a domestic sewing machine. With a background in traditional garment construction and tailoring, I enjoy the challenge of sewing odd shapes and angles together. I layer the pieced top onto a backing fabric and batting material that will add dimension to the quilt. I use freehand and computer driven stitching on a longarm quilting machine to connect the layers, adding hidden designs and messages to enhance the finished quilt.

My quilts are meant for warmth – whether to warm up a room’s décor or to cuddle under when you need a hug.

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