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Creative Services


I offer a full-service of resources for the creative design, product development, and marketing of products and promotions for the quilting, sewing, and creative crafts industry. I have experience in design and sourcing and can work an idea from initial concept to production to the marketplace. 


My original designs are featured in new products, books, magazines, websites and blogs, project sheets, TV segments, and trade show displays.  I enjoy teaching, demonstrating, and thinking up new product ideas that make sewing and crafts fun and easy to do. 


Please review my list of creative services below and let me know how I can help you grow your business.  

Design Consultation and
Product Development

I research trends, develop new product concepts and line extentions, initiate original samples, test and evaluate prototypes, source and work with international and domestic suppliers, supervise free-lance graphic artists, review and revise interim samples.

I can oversee product development, plan packaging design and sales support materials, schedule and track product development, work with suppliers to refine prototypes for cost effective production, plan and document planograms.


I develop workshops and classes to teach new techniques and promote products. I also design make-it/take-it projects to demonstrate and educate buyers and consumers on how to use products.


I have experience working at trade and consumer shows, seminars, TV segments, and retail stores.



I develop marketing plans for new lines, design original models for advertising, websites and in-store displays. I work with retail accounts on special promotions, place editorial designs online, and with national periodicals and TV media.


I can develop original content and maintain blogs to promote products.


I also create concept boards for sales and promotion meetings.


I am a published author of DIY books and I write clear how-to instructions and step-outs for all my original designs


I write editorial copy, press releases, and sales support materials to promote product lines.


I edit instructions and copy to assure technical accuracy and ease of understanding for the consumer.

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